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Therapist Whip Brooke Encourages Singles not to mention Couples Get used to Personal Issues to Find Adore Again

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Eddie Corbano of LovesAGame. com Gives you Given Developmental Support & Guidance to help Over 12, 000 Decide to part Survivors

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Stacii Jae Johnson: Atlanta’ s Famous Dating & Relationship Fixer Mentors Single Professionals

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How-to Spy on Your Baby – s iPhone Without a Jailbreak

Top-Rated US Online Casino Gambling Sites

Online casino with real money games are very popular and growing in number. A lot of gamers are getting attracted by this alternative. They enjoy the challenge, adventure and the thrill of playing the virtual world against a complex opponent with the very same goals as themselves. This makes it possible for them to boost their abilities, sharpen their wits and be better in enjoying their favorite games. Read more ›

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Singapore Casinos

Casino is the most pleasure and leisure task of many bettors in the casinos on the web. With more states adding sports gambling, it might end up being only a new issue of moment before in-game casino becomes srslotbet168.com a fabulous truth. Read more ›

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A Better Way to Send Parcels Into Europe Through Belfast

Change is difficult and when it comes to how you ship and receive parcels, it can be a lot to contend with. Recent changes and the inclusion of Brexit into the mix, has caused delays and confusion in many areas. Generally, shipping should be easy, but it has become complicated. However, there is still one incredible way to avoid common delays in shipping and if you want to enjoy shipping and receiving once again, Parcel Flow can help.

We are the only UK Parcel forwarder remaining in the EU. We ship directly from Belfast and are in a unique position to provide shipping opportunities on a straightforward path without the general concerns Brexit has brought into our lives. If you want to ship faster and more effective throughout the UK from Europe, Parcel Flow is the way to do it. When you use us, you get all of these amazing benefits.


A Better Way to Send Parcels Into Europe Through Belfast

A Better Way to Send Parcels Into Europe Through Belfast

Quicker Route to Europe

According to the Norther Ireland Protocol or NI Protocol, the boarder is to remain largely open for goods and trade between the EU and the UK. This go between area allows for easy trade without complications and with Parcel Flow, you can take full advantage of the NI Protocol. Parcel Flow is the only UK shipping company remaining in the EU and in accordance with the NI Protocol, so your shipments can have a direct line in and out of the UK. Other shipping companies must undergo intensive checks and protocols to ensure all measures between both countries are met adding to overall costs and time from shipment to receiving products.

No Customer Queue

Generally, shipping and receiving items comes with the need to stand in line for long periods of time and that can strain an already busy schedule. At Parcel Flow, you can schedule a pickup or come into the store to drop off your parcel. Additionally, we offer specialized services in which you can receive your package anywhere with no hidden costs and the option to automatically generate your own, free UK address for packages to be shipped to and from.

Faster UK Shipping

Faster UK Shipping

Faster UK Shipping

With Parcel Flow, you can finally say goodbye to expensive and inflated shipping once and for all. Faster shipping to and from the UK without all those hurdles to jump is what we specialize in. We offer a hassle free shipping model that allows you to track your packages from anywhere and know exactly where your shipment is at without fail. Triangular shipping from Belfast and beyond with no paperwork to contend with. We make it easy at Parcel Flow.

We Make UK Online Shopping Still a Sensible Option for Mainland Europe

We Make UK Online Shopping Still a Sensible Option for Mainland Europe

We Make UK Online Shopping Still a Sensible Option for Mainland Europe

Online shopping has become a way of life for most of us. With lockdowns still active in many areas and the avoidance of large crowds a necessity, online shopping makes it possible for people in the UK to maintain their way of life and still find a little excitement. However, shipping costs and shipping delays make it difficult for UK clientele to effectively enjoy their online shopping experience. Additional shipping delays have happened simply due to the vast increase in online shopping for everyday items and even groceries, so many UK residents tend to have to wait even longer to receive their packages.

Parcel Flow invites to you enjoy a better way to shop from virtually every online avenue imaginable. You can finally enjoy event clearance opportunities and pop up sales without worrying about when your shipment will arrive. Customs unions and other delay issues are not a problem when you ship with Parcel Flow.

Online Business Shipping Pros

Online Business Shipping Pros

Online Business Shipping Pros

Many people throughout the UK are looking to advance their own online businesses these days by making and selling their products online. However, a big let down can come when you realize how involved the shipping process can be when shipping to other parts of the world. Let Parcel Flow make your online business dreams come true with fast, effective shipping all over the world. You no longer have to put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold simply due to shipping concerns. Let Parcel Flow help you reach customers and offer shipping opportunities for all your amazing products.

Screenshot 2021-03-28 at 20.47.40

A lot has changed over the past few years and adjusting to these changes can be difficult. However, at Parcel Flow, you can know your packages will be shipped and received affordably and quickly, so that is one less thing you have to worry about. Whether you are shipping from the UK or looking to receive packages coming through the European mainland, let Parcel Flow make it all easier with our direct shipping line through Belfast, Northern Ireland. Parcel flow allows you to take full advantage of the open shipping border through this area, so you can have what you need when you need it without fail and without waiting in long parcel post lines. Parcel Flow is here for you.


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Why Vapes and E-Cigarettes Can Be Difficult to Ship to Saudi Arabia

Vapes and e-cigarettes have become one of the fastest growing trends in the world these days. Although regular cigarettes and traditional smoking methods still dominate the industry, these newer forms of nicotine intake have begun to blossom in areas throughout the world. Currently, it is estimated that 2.4% of 25 to 44 year old smokers utilize e-cigarettes or vapes for their smoking needs. The statistics are only slightly lower for those ranging in age from 45 to 64 at 2.1%. Make no mistake about these seemingly insignificant numbers, this trend is here to stay and only growing in its popularity.
Although e-cigarette and vape usage has risen in the UK and many other parts of the world, it remains remarkably difficult to get products into certain, more conservative parts of the world. Saudi Arabia, for example, with its thriving economy, still maintains many conservative values that other parts of the world have released their hold on. E-cigarettes and vapes, for example have grown in popularity in this part of the world, but regulations on commercial shipments remain locked down tight.

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 09.30.08

Commercial Restrictions


The Saudi government maintains certain restrictions on primarily commercial shipments of vapes and e-cigarettes. Generally speaking, the only banned part of commercial shipments includes claims that the product offers certain health benefits and specific packages that can break of puncture during shipping. They also prohibit the sale and subsequent shipping of these products with flavors apart from fruit or menthol.

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 09.32.39

What About Non-Commercial Shipments?

The laws surrounding shipping and distribution of commercial products are notable in Saudi Arabia. These restrictions help to ensure that the Saudi people understand that there are certain health risks associated with the use of e-cigarettes and vapes. Additionally, it restricts these products from children as they are at higher risk of potential health concerns. However, many of these restrictions are not in place on regular shipments of e-cigarettes and vapes designated for only home use without distribution.

According the Saudi laws and regulations, vapes and e-cigarettes fall into the category of Reduced Risk Products or RRPs. Within the city, tourists bringing in vapes are permitted to use them and they are completely legal for personal use. Sale and distribution is the only avenue that is heavily restricted and therefore difficult to receive permission from the Saudi government with all the restrictions.

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 09.33.48


Parcel Flow Wants to Help

Do you love e-cigarettes and vapes, but feel restricted by certain government regulations? Do you have a specific brand you like, but are unable to find it in distribution facilities throughout Saudi Arabia? Some of the most popular vaping and e-cigarette products is Nevoa, but finding the exact right product with current commercial restrictions can be difficult. Parcel Flow offers the answer you have been looking for.

With Parcel Flow, we do not ship commercially, but focus our attention on providing shipping options for e-cigarettes and vapes for personal use. We offer shipping to Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia without commercial restrictions put on commercial products. We can ship directly to you from a wide variety of e-cigarette and vape companies including Nevoa to provide clients with the products they desire without commercial based restrictions in Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas.

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 09.34.56


Why Choose Parcel Flow

Parcel Flow is the ideal solution for all your shipping needs. Unlike other shipping companies that must undergo strict processes when shipping in and out of Europe, Parcel Flow maintains specialized permission to ship directly through Northern Ireland providing a way to receive the products you desire with ease. Shipping in this manner allows us to avoid many of the hassles that Brexit has brought to the shipping industry. If you want the best in e-cigarettes and vapes for personal use in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE, Parcel Flow is the way to go.

Try out Our Personal Shopper Option

At Parcel Flow, we work to provide the best in shipping throughout the world and even offer a convenient personal shopper option for those who are strapped for time, but still needing their specialized products. We make it easy to find your products, set your parameters for regular shipments, and ship directly to you whenever you need it. Parcel Flow is your personal shopping expert for all your vape and e-cigarette needs.

We live in a unique world and it is more important than ever before that you are able to receive products that enrich your life and make you happy. Restrictions can make it difficult to get the exact product you want, but through Parcel Flow, you can finally find the specific product, whether e-cigarette, vape, or any other product, that you desire without commercial restrictions and inflated shipping costs. Let Parcel Flow be your go to shipping solution today.

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ParcelFlow Virtual UK Business Address

Parcelflow UK virtual business address

Here at ParcelFlow we are always on the hunt for new services we can offer to our customers to make their lives that little bit easier. We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our virtual address service, which we believe will be incredibly beneficial for businesses both in the UK and other countries.

What is a virtual address?

A virtual address is basically an address that businesses can use on their mailings and correspondence, however they are not actually based there. So for example, a business may be located in a small town but use a virtual address in a big city like London

Using a virtual address can make your home based business appear more professional.

Using a virtual address can make your home based business appear more professional.

Why use a virtual address?

Using a virtual business address can benefit your company in many different ways. It’s particularly beneficial to those just starting out and perhaps running their businesses from home. Instead of having to use your home address on your business mailings and website (which can feel like a breach of privacy) you can instead use our virtual UK business address.

In addition to protecting the privacy of your home, using a virtual UK business address can also make your small start-up company look bigger and better established. The world of business is all about image, so having an address in a bigger city can greatly help to build your credibility and win you customers.

Parcel forwarding

Another benefit of using our new virtual UK business address service is that you will be able to have your parcels sent to the team here at ParcelFlow and forwarded onto you. This can be very beneficial; as it will mean that you don’t have to wait in to sign for parcels at inconvenient times and can instead do something more productive with your time.

Any parcels you order using your new virtual UK business address will be sent to our depot. We will then get in touch with you to organise how we are going to forward them onto you and the delivery service you require. You may find that this actually helps to save you money, especially if you are located abroad.

International businesses can use a virtual UK business address to gain a local presence in the UK.

International businesses can use a virtual UK business address to gain a local presence in the UK.

Benefits for international businesses

The first benefit for having a virtual UK business address for your international business is that it can help save you money on parcel shipping. Instead of having to pay international rates, you can simply use your virtual UK business address and pay a much lower rate (or even benefit from free delivery). Your parcel will then arrive at our depot and get forwarded onto you by our team.

Another benefit of our new virtual UK business address service for international companies is that it will give them a local presence. Often customers are put off working with businesses in other countries, as they assume that communications will be poor. By using a virtual UK business address, you can make it seem like you are located in the UK, which will help you to win over customers and wow them with the high-quality product or service you provide.

Sign up for a virtual UK business address

We believe our new virtual UK business address service is going to really benefit small businesses (including home-based businesses) in the UK, as well as those operating internationally. It will make your business appear larger and more established, whilst also helping you to gain a local presence in a new location.

For more information about our virtual UK business addresses or to sign up, please contact ParcelFlow using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Importing Chinese Goods to Germany via ParcelFlow

Germans love products Made in China

“Made in China” products have taken the German market by storm over recent years. Germans love the low cost, variety of choice and quality standards which have improved massively over the past 20 years.

We proceed in this article to discuss Germany’s love for Chinese Goods but also some practical problems German citizens and businesses have in importing Chinese goods and how Parcelflow can help overcome these issues.

Germans have come to love the “Made in China” logo

Deutsche Handles Agentur Survey Findings

In a recent survey from Deutsche Handles Agentur [1] a number of interesting findings were made about Germany’s love for Chinese goods:

1)    85% of Germans said they were happy to buy “Made in China” products.

2)    Around 8.9% of all German imports are from China.

3)    Around 60% of purchases the country of origin was not important, in these cases Germans were happy to buy from China.

Popular Chinese Products in Germany

Germany buys a wide range of Chinese goods but items which are particularly popular include electrical equipment, TVs, clothing, toys, radios and computer equipment.

Why Germans Buy Chinese Goods?

Germans buy Chinese goods for a number of reasons, these include:

i) Low cost – this is the main unique selling point of buying Chinese goods within Germany

ii) Many German businesses rely on buying Chinese goods to sell on for a profit; this is especially the case with affiliate sellers on eCommerce sites such as EBay and Amazon

iii) Chinese manufacturers have repositioned themselves in recent years to provide higher quality products which is reassuring to the German population

Germans like to buy both German and “Made in China” products

The Problems German Customers Face Buying Chinese Goods

There are a number of problems which German customers face unfortunately when buying Chinese goods. The main issues experienced are:

i) High transit charges are often made by Chinese Companies to distribute goods, as the customer is seen as a one-off deal by the seller

ii) Exorbitant customs charges are applied by German authorities to import Chinese goods into Germany

iii) Goods are destroyed by German customs as counterfeit

iv) Many Chinese businesses don’t offer an export service at all, especially smaller eShops

Why is Parcelflow a solution to this problem?

Parcelflow can be relied upon to provide a solution to the importing of Chinese goods into Germany. Parcelflow offer a parcel forwarding service for Chinese goods.

To access this service customers from Germany need to register with Parcelflow. Each German customer will be given their own unique Parcelflow UK address. Goods received at this UK address will then be forwarded to the German address.

This will prevent high customs charges being imposed on receipt in Germany as the parcel will be from the UK and also reduce the chance of goods being destroyed (not that Parcelflow would knowingly ship counterfeit goods!).

So why not register with Parcelflow today and start saving money on Chinese goods? This service is available in other countries too, so feel free to register and save money in other countries too! Find out more about how parcel forwarding works with Parcelflow at this link.



Reference Sources:

[1] Business 2 Community Infographic Article




Image Credits: Elaine Mendes and Matt Lemmon

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